Counselling & Psychotherapy


  Counselling Services

At Salubris we, the counsellors, listen to what you are really saying in a non-judgmental way.  We believe that in this environment, you will rediscover your innate wisdom and find your path towards wholeness and fulfilment.  Therapy can help you to clarify what you want in life and empower you. 


Based in Waterford we provide counselling for: 


·     Depression

·     Anxiety and panic attacks

·     Anger management

·     Loss and Bereavement

·     Alcohol and drug dependence 

·     Phobias  

·     Eating disorders

·     Bullying

·     Sexual and emotional abuse

·     Relationship counselling

·     Parenting Issues

·     Self Esteem

·     Carreer problems

·     Work related stress

·     Trauma

·     Loss of employment

·     Adolescent difficulties